2001 - 2004

Uni of Westminster - Commercial Music


Exhibitions & Festivals

2017 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2018 - Best of 2017 MIA Photofair

2017 - Thessaloniki - International Art Fair



Campbell Downie

Born in Singapore

Lives & works in Wellington, NZ


Thanks for getting this far on my site. I hope you have enjoyed the photos in and around the place. By now you will see the kind of work I do. I love candid street work, Events, landscapes and Food shots. 

Over on the right are some links to various sites where my images (a lot more than currently here) are available to purchase if you want to and use them as you see fit. Prints and other types of merchandise can be purchased from also listed. 

If you want to follow me on Twitter or Instagram I post daily and you can click the links Above and if you would like to speak to me directly just use the form in the contact area. You can also read my Blog via the blog button.

I hope you all have awesome journeys 


© 2017 Campbell Downie Camcreative Photography

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